We deliver

AI driven brand strategy

then we help you

Bring brands to life

The final step is

Brand building

Founder Nicholas Kühne

Why speak
to us?


Do you want to understand how to manage your brand in an increasingly data driven world?

  • Branching out into new territories?
  • Bought or merged with another company?
  • Multiple unrelated business units?
  • Reached a size and level of complexity where a unified brand strategy is necessary? 


At this stage the companies that will survive will be the ones that focus on building strong brands and a consistent focus on brand value.

This is where we at Wunderbrand, partner with you for success.

Managing brands

This is how we help you manage your brand. Strategy needs to be to be driven and maintained by an organisation’s leadership, but it is

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Built environment

Creating sustainable branded environments Creating environments that are physical manifestations of a brand has been part of our DNA since Wunderbrand’s inception. When people engage

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