Social media agency

Wunderbrand as social medial agency for global brands. Digital strategy development, content creation and community management.

Built environment

Creating sustainable branded environments Creating environments that are physical manifestations of a brand has been part of our DNA since Wunderbrand’s inception. When people engage with your shop, bank, station, studio or even offices they need to be enveloped by your brand. When stakeholders enter your branded environment they develop a relationship with your brand. It invokes […]

Visualising brands

Wunderbrand corporate identity and design offerings including design packaging.

How Big Data will destroy Big Brands

Marketing and engaging with customers is changing at warp speed due to Big Data. How do you build and maintain market share for your brand when you are being assaulted on all fronts? “Big Data will save us!” is the war cry of management firms across the globe. So let’s take a look at one […]