Social media agency for brands cross the world

We are specialist in developing content and creating compelling social media. Our team of content specialists have managed global brands delivering real results. We have also played the roll of customer support, taking our skills from not only creating and managing content, but to supporting our clients customer care needs.

Digital strategy

We begin our activities by linking to your brand strategy to your digital engagement strategy. We build the roadmap for your social media to have the most compelling and relevant connection with your targeted customers.

Content creation

Once we have developed your digital strategy we create the branded assets you require, you have the all the elements you need for the successful implementation of your strategy. Having brand consistency in content creation as well as the required templates to create content on the run, is essential.  

Social media management

Now that you have all the assets in play to deliver content, you now need support to build your engagement with your customers. We support you with both your generic or seasonal social media calendars, and also develop promotional and ad hoc posts to drive awareness, engagement and sales. 

Community management

You now have all the elements you need for getting started, but now the hard work starts in managing your digital communities. We have supported our larger clients with their customer care function through their digital channels with both in person and automated engagement.

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Brand data analytics

News & ArticleS The Importance of Brand Analytics Are you trying to decide on the next step for your business? Have you been looking for

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Sustainability Branding

Sustainability Branding Many companies are driven by generic sustainability targets set by external parties. With more of an internal focus on longer term objectives Wunderbrand

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Managing brands

This is how we help you manage your brand. Strategy needs to be to be driven and maintained by an organisation’s leadership, but it is

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Wunderbrand as social medial agency for global brands. Digital strategy development, content creation and community management.

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Creating sustainable branded environments Creating environments that are physical manifestations of a brand has been part of our DNA since Wunderbrand’s inception. When people engage

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Bringing brand strategy into the age of AI In a world where there is a constant struggle for brand resonance with customers it is imperative

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