Wunderbrand Founder


Nicholas strongly believes that Africa needs to take control of its valuable brand assets, and so he started Wunderbrand with a vision of being the engine behind building definitive African brands focused on building value on the continent. As a leading brand-building expert and trend forecaster, with Wunderbrand he blends these two complimentary fields to create innovative, actionable and effective brand-led business strategies.

Before deciding to create Wunderbrand, Nicholas consulted to and worked for some of the most influential brands in the world. He has built brands at the world’s largest brand agency, created aggressive international advertising campaigns at Nando’s and headed up MTV’s marketing in Africa.

A sought after speaker and lecturer on trend forecasting, marketing and branding in Africa, he has lectured at universities and business schools in South Africa and many conferences and private briefing sessions.

His mantra is, “Welcome to a brand new Africa!”